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Plagiarism charges seem to be the newest weapon in the fierce conflict over the direction and leadership of prestigious universities.

The billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman has been using social media to launch a campaign against Claudine Gay for weeks. Gay resigned from her position as president of Harvard due to allegations that she had copied work from other academics and had not been vocal enough about her opposition to antisemitism on campus.

However, this battle was brought closer to home when an online publication called Business Insider published similar charges of plagiarism against Neri Oxman, an architect and designer with a doctorate in design computation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

These examples were given the day after the publication revealed that she had made multiple mistakes when citing other people’s work in her dissertation. On Thursday, Dr. Oxman expressed regret for the mistakes, stating that they only affected a few paragraphs of his 330-page thesis.

Before Business Insider published its most recent story on Friday night, Mr. Ackman shared on social media that the magazine had gotten in touch with his wife regarding its latest findings, but that neither he nor Dr. Oxman—a former tenured professor at M.I.T.—had had time to verify the veracity of the charges.

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