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Adani Enterprises has shown huge jump in its stock price today as price went up by 7.31%. The stock increased and closed at 2362.3 per share. At present stock is trading at 2535 per share. Due to this big performance investors are keeping a close at the stock price of Adani.

The Adani stock price went to all time high at Rs. 2402 and low at Rs. 2355.3. The market capitalization of Adani Enterprises is currently at Rs. 269,302.46 crores.

Gautam Adani says regrets not completing college education | India News -  Times of India

Mr. Adani’s net worth has increased by Rs. 46,663 crores in last 6 days after Supreme Court of India said that after considering the allegations of Hindenburg and said it won’t consider media reports against the group.

This led to huge increase in Adani stock price on Tuesday morning.

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