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Social media images of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput with Bigg Boss 17 finalist and then-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande show that they had some wonderful times together while enjoying the festivities. Sushant Singh Rajput loved playing Holi.

When Rumors Of Ankita Lokhande Checking Sushant Singh Rajput's Phone &  Slapping Him Spread Like Wildfire, Later The Late Actor & Bigg Boss 17  Contestant Addressed The Same

The internet is buzzing about a video compilation that Lehren Retro posted on its YouTube channel recently. It features previously unreleased footage of Sushant and Ankita attending a Holi celebration. Sushant can be seen applying gulaal on people in the video. He is covered in colours and wearing a white shirt. Sushant dances for the media with Ankita, who is having a good time.

The pair can be seen having a playful take on the celebrations in the uncommon Holi celebration video. Sushant makes fun of his non-traditional Holi celebration strategy, which involves utilizing mud and eggs to create a more “decent” atmosphere. “Did you even play Holi if your face isn’t covered in colors? We decided to dress in white to make the colors pop,” he is overheard telling the press. “Once we play Holi, you won’t be able to recognise us,” Ankita continued.

Ankita mimics Amitabh Bachchan’s steps from “Rang Barse” and does a thumka when asked to demonstrate her favorite Holi dance move. Sushant also whistles. Additionally, the couple is seen smearing each other’s faces with color while exclaiming “Bura Naa Maano Holi Hai.”

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