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In a letter to Fumio Kishida, his counterpart in Japan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his sorrow over the deaths caused by this week’s earthquake in Japan. This letter was written while Japanese rescuers were looking for 222 people who were still missing and the death toll was getting close to 100.
“When I heard about the significant earthquake that struck Japan on January 1, 2024, I was devastated and very concerned. I offer the families of the deceased my sincere condolences for their loss. We are in complete solidarity with the people of Japan who have been impacted by the tragedy,” PTI said, citing unnamed sources.

The Prime Minister said, “India cherishes its relationship with Japan as a special strategic and global partner and is ready to extend all possible assistance at this hour.”

In the central Ishikawa region, thousands of rescuers from all over Japan have been fighting against aftershocks and roads blocked by frequent landslides and pocked with gaping holes. Two elderly ladies were amazingly saved from the ruins of their Wajima homes on Thursday afternoon.
One of the worst-hit cities was the port city of Wajima on the Noto Peninsula, where there was still a strong soot stench and faint smoke columns visible from a massive fire that had destroyed hundreds of buildings on the first day. Authorities reported on Friday afternoon that, of the 242 persons who had been counted earlier, 121 were in Wajima and 82 in Suzu, leaving 222 unaccounted for. There were 494 injuries and 94 deaths, up from 92.

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