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In Monkey Man, actor Dev Patel will let loose his inner John Wick. On April 5, the action thriller will be released in theaters all over the world. Hollywood production company Universal Pictures released the official trailer on Friday, which featured amazing fight and chase scenes that were expertly choreographed. Dev also makes his directorial debut with the movie.

Another commenter brought up the fact that Dev Patel, like Idris Elba, has released a James Bond film. Thank you to Idris Elba and Dev Patel for effectively stating, “F*ck it, you won’t make me Bond? I’ll handle it on my own. #Luther #MonkeyMan,” their post read.

A third user praised Dev Patel for producing his own movies rather than waiting for Hollywood to assign him to a clichéd role. “If you don’t go see Monkey Man in theaters and are able, then I don’t want to hear a word about there being no original movies, or how POC should make their own films instead of playing white heroes,” the user wrote in a post.

Monkey Man was dubbed the “Indian John Wick” by another user. In the teaser, Dev is shown fighting in a ring, going up against Sikandar Kher in hand-to-hand combat and also going up against several criminals in a manner that is similar to the retired assassin played by Keanu Reeves in the four John Wick films. Interestingly, Thunder Road Films, a John Wick franchise producer, is also backing Monkey Man.