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A septuagenarian monk named Divyanath saw the Amrit Bharat Express train at the West Bengali station of Bardhaman and boarded it on his way to Puri Jagannath Temple. He was traveling to Kamakhya.
According to Divyanath, he started down this spiritual path when he was just a teenager. The ashram of his guru is situated in Panipat, Haryana. He claimed that for many years, he has been traveling all over the nation from Gujarat to Nagaland and from Himachal to Kanyakumari.

“I used to travel by steam-powered trains, but now I’m in this gorgeous new coach. As time goes on, new things will continue to emerge,” he declared.

With just a little bag and a wooden stick for possessions, Divyanath emphasized that people shouldn’t be distinguished from one another on the basis of their caste, religion, or creed.

Whether we are Sikh, Muslim, or Hindu, we are all citizens of India. We all come from the same nation. Why should any of us be at odds with one another?” He stated.

Amit Bairagi, a motor mechanic, was traveling to Bengaluru with his spouse for a medical condition. Getting a reservation on the Amrit Bharat Express at such short notice would have been difficult, so he considered himself fortunate to have been granted permission to board.

They only found out about the train’s inaugural run on Friday, he explained, and they were able to get a pass in time to depart from Rampurhat station in the Birbhum district.

Tony Mondal is one of about twenty unskilled laborers who work for a construction company in Bengaluru. He was given a free pass to travel from Malda to the capital of Karnataka.

Tony had come back to his hometown of Baishnabnagar in the Malda district for a family occasion after working as a migrant laborer in Bengaluru for three years. His traveling companion Sujan Mondal said, “We arrived at Malda station after learning about the train’s inaugural run, and we were given free passes to travel on it.”

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