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As an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude hits Nepal on Friday night this week, Delhi, Uttarakhand, UttarPradesh and Bihar also felt the jolts of tremors. I was in my building in Ghaziabad and watching news when suddenly the fan started to shake and my T.V remote fell from the table.

It was a clear indication that something bad has happened. All the people in my society got out of their buildings and we all gathered at the open public park away from the buildings. The buildings were shaking and we could see that from outside. It was a fearful situation.

After watching the news we came to know that epicenter was at Nepal and has a high magnitude of 6.4. Till now 140 souls have been lost. India has offered total support for Nepal and given an emergency contact number+977-9851316807 for offering help to the Indian nationals who are right now in Nepal.

Nepal Quake Kills More Than 150 - The New York Times

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