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Highlights of the Australian Open 2024 Final between Jannik Sinner and Daniil Medvedev: Sinner defeats Medvedev to win a first Grand Slam

Jannik Sinner appeared anxious at first, but then again, who wouldn’t be, particularly in their first-ever Grand Slam match? Furthermore, he faced a rival who had done all of his homework before the match, as seen by his court positioning and desire to sting Sinner’s forehand side while preventing him from serving and volleying.

Medvedev looked more aggressive, and Sinner was unable to keep up with him. As a result, the Italian, who was regarded as the clear favorite, lost two sets to love quickly.

However, the No. 4 seed started to play better, finding more first serves and managing the longer rallies from the baseline as Medvedev started to appear increasingly worn out.

Before giving Medvedev a painful rerun of the Melbourne 2022 final against Rafael Nadal, Sinner won the third and fourth games. Sinner’s victory secured his first Grand Slam, and Medvedev’s loss in the Australian Open final marked the first time a player lost after leading two sets.