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In the first delivery, Deepti discovers the boundary by looking through the covers. McGrath dropped Shreyanka, and India took a single. Sutherland bowls a wide, leaving India needing nine to win in three balls. Next is a dot ball. 9 to prevail after two balls. Only one more next. QUARTER! Australia wins by three runs, but Shreyanka squares it behind for a boundary!

AUS 243/8 in 49 overs Gardner, who has given up just three singles, had an amazing 49th over. OUT! To end the over, Harleen Deol bowled an out.

In 48 overs, IND scored 240/7 with Sutherland batting. First up, three singles. Vastrakar disappears as she tries to extend her reach but is apprehended. Only three runs in that particular over.

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