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The entertainment industry is in shock over the passing of veteran actor Tom Wilkinson. Celebrities such as Richard Roeper, George Clooney, and Michael McKean have all expressed their deepest sympathies following the death of the well-known British actor on Saturday. Actress Diana Hardcastle, Tom’s wife, and their two daughters survive him at the age of 75.

George Clooney reportedly said, “Tom made every project better, made every actor better,” in a statement, according to The Hollywood Reporter. We will all miss him terribly because he was the height of elegance.”

Michael McKean sent his deepest sympathies to X. He referred to Tom as a “great actor” in his tweet. An outstanding performer. Godspeed, Tom Wilkinson “in a tweet.

“There was never a Tom Wilkinson moment onscreen that didn’t feel authentic,” Richard Roeper wrote in a tribute to Tom on X. Regardless of the genre, he was an actor who elevated the material, not a supporting player. His portrayal of a grieving father in “In the Bedroom” was so poignant and moving that I will always remember it. RIP.”

Filmmaker Scott Derrickson, who co-directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose with Tom Wilkinson, related a story from the film’s wrap, referring to it as his “favorite memory” of the actor.

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