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Every year on December 10, Human Rights Day is observed to remember the day the UN General Assembly ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The world is reminded on this significant day of the fundamental freedoms and rights to which all people are entitled, irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, religion, or any other distinction.

Human Rights Day 2023: History & Significance - Pragativadi

All members of the national and international community are reminded and given the chance to consider their past, present, and future deeds and responsibilities, as well as to work toward the advancement and defense of human rights, on this day. Let’s consider the basic significance of human rights for each and every person on this Human Rights Day, and let’s use them as a daily road map to work toward justice, equality, peace, and freedom for all.

Human Rights Day (2023) has “Freedom, Equality and Justice for All” as its theme. Over the years following the UDHR‘s ratification, human rights have gained international recognition and protection. A human rights protection system that is expanding and reaching out to more vulnerable populations, such as migrants, indigenous peoples, and people with disabilities, has its foundation in the declaration.

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