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Due to the high level of investor interest and the substantial premium it is fetching on the unofficial grey market, the INOX India IPO is expected to conclude strongly.

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INOX India Limited’s (INOXCVA) initial public offering (IPO) is scheduled to conclude today, December 18, 2023, following its subscription opening on December 14.

Investor interest in the cryogenic equipment manufacturer and supplier company was strong, with prices per equity share ranging from Rs 627 to Rs 660.

Strong investor demand was evident as the INOX India IPO was oversubscribed 19.52 times as of 1:30 pm on the last day of bidding.

The company’s unlisted shares were selling for more on the grey market following two days of heavy subscription. Even though the value of the unlisted shares has slightly decreased on the black market, the current listing suggests a bumper price.
Observers report a premium of Rs 530 per equity share, which is substantially more than the grey market premium as of the opening date. The estimated listing price for INOX India shares at this GMP is approximately Rs 1,190 per share, which represents an impressive premium of more than 80%.

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