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Pathirana to complete the match. Nabi attempts to reach the loft below, but she is utterly unsuccessful. Complete and swift, passes through Nabi’s legs, giving the batters a bye. Four! When Rohit mentions his century! Drilled through the covers to create a boundary, full on the stumps. Four! square leg and defeats the fielder in the deep with a flick. Four more. Wide ball comes next. Yorker is on the pads, taking a leg bye. Yorker finished with just one single outside off. By 20 runs, CSK prevails.

IPL 2023 Match 12: MI vs CSK Astrology Predictions - InstaAstro

In his final over, Fizz. Despite his heaves, Nabi only receives one too many. Next, a wide ball. In the short third, outside edge, Rohit barely misses Shardul as he attempts to head downtown. Slapped down for a single by a slower ball that was short of a length. A lofted shot that lands full and wide and trickles to deep point for a single is mistimed by Rohit. With a slower ball in the slot, Nabi is only able to make a single rather than the necessary contact. Six!! This time, Rohit is able to establish contact as he hits a longer drive over midwicket for six.

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