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Shreyas Talpade suffered a heart attack and underwent an angioplasty earlier this month, which led to his hospitalization. The actor disclosed that he was “clinically dead” for a brief period of time on that day in an interview with The Times of India, when he talked openly for the first time about his health scare. He also disclosed that heart-related issues run in his family.

Speaking with The Times of India, Shreyas revealed that he has been taking medication and precautions because he has a family history of heart problems and has been experiencing extreme fatigue after work for the past few months. The actor continued by describing what transpired on December 14 when his wife Deepti drove him to the hospital.

“All of a sudden, my left hand began to hurt and I lost my breath,” he stated. I had trouble walking to my vanity van to change into new clothes. Since we were filming action scenes, I assumed it was a muscle pull. You never consider the worst-case situation, do you? “I had never felt this level of exhaustion.”

I felt like I should go to the hospital right away after getting into the car, but I should actually go home first. After my wife Deepti noticed me in that condition, we headed to the hospital in less than ten minutes.” By the time Shreyas could get through the gate and into the hospital, he had suffered a cardiac arrest and his face had gone numb.

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