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Many things have changed as a result of the shifting economic climate of today, including feminism, love, and friendships between men and women. There is good and bad about these changes. These two perspectives are presented in the film “Hot Spot.” There are four distinct stories in the movie. Vignesh Karthi is the director of the movie.

An assistant director tells a story to a filmmaker at the start of the movie. A young man places a condition on the home of his future wife, drawing inspiration from the ideals of Periyar and Ambedkar. He declares that men and women are equal and that, after getting married, he will live permanently at his wife’s home. The first story is this one.

An intense love is shared by a man and a woman. It becomes evident that they both desire a brother-and-sister relationship when they make the decision to get married. What these two choose to do is a different tale.

A young man chooses to use his body improperly in order to make money after losing his job as a result of his repulsive behavior. The girlfriend of this young man eventually finds out. The third story is what comes next.

An impoverished auto driver convinces his daughter to enter a celebrity TV competition. The lady passes away inexplicably. Father of the girl accuses the TV company of causing this. The fourth tale is this one.

We are left wondering if similar incidents occur in our society after reading the second and third stories.

The fourth story demonstrates how much mental violence children are exposed to from television game shows. The fourth story is the only one that addresses the mind and the need for increased awareness more deeply.
There is no point or intersection where these four stories come together. Since they are all independent stories, it feels more like four short films than a single feature-length production. Nonetheless, somewhat fascinating.

The music and cinematography are passable. The actors were excellent in the roles they played. Both Kalaiyarasan in the fourth story and Aditya Bhaskar in the first have excellent acting. We can sense our child’s impact in the scene where Kalaiyarasan is crying.


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