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Actor Lee Sun Gyun, who was involved in a drug case, reportedly passed away, according to South Korean authorities. A report from Seoul Seongbuk Police Station on December 27 states that an unconscious man was discovered in a parked car in Waryong Park, according to K-media source One Asia. They were called in response to an emergency by a woman who said her husband had left the house with a note expressing his intention to commit suicide.

Amidst a drug case, the well-known actor from the Academy Award–winning movie Parasite—who was also known for his parts in Sleep, Coffee Prince, and A Hard Day—came under intense public scrutiny. He even pulled out of a few upcoming projects.

After the enigmatic phone call on December 27, the police verified the person’s identity as Lee Sun Gyun in the morning. Suicide was suggested by other evidence, such as the burning of charcoal briquettes in his automobile. Lee Sun Gyun has been the subject of a police investigation since October due to allegations of drug use.
According to the police official, the 48-year-old actor left behind either a suicide note or a “will” for his wife. According to the authorities, a woman claimed over the phone that “my husband had left the house after writing a note that resembles a will.” The call came in at night.

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