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The endearing teen romance film from director Zoya Akhtar is actually a politically charged call to arms that weaponizes nostalgia to remind a generation of who they once were, not just as a flimsy tool.

Everything to know about The Archies: Plot, cast and more |

A man who has obviously forgotten that he was once a child says, “Children don’t count.” This man is Mr. Dawson, a middle-aged politician who was conned into corruption by wealthy businessman Hiram Lodge through charming speech. Under his iron fist, elected officials like Dawson are treated like glorified stooges, but in reality, it’s him who is effectively running the show. Does that sound familiar? Director Zoya Akhtar uses a charm offensive as captivating as that iconic scene from Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan to mask her political unease in her new movie, The Archies.

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