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When Michael Schumacher made his debut in front of his first Formula 1 team, Jordan GP, in 1991, people initially thought he was a delivery boy. The mechanics had no idea that they were watching a champion driver who would go on to win the most championship titles in the history of the sport, rather than just a simple courier.

In 1991, Schumacher replaced Bertrand Gachot in the Belgian Grand Prix. Team Principal Eddie Jordan recruited the rookie racer, who made a big impression on the team at Silverstone during his test laps. The crew members realized from this experience that they were dealing with a very skilled and experienced driver.

Jordan’s 1991 mechanic Andy Stevenson, the sporting director of Aston Martin, described how Eddie approached the team and informed them that a new driver was going to take Gachot’s place. Additionally, the crew mistook Schumacher for a delivery boy when he first appeared before them.
The team mechanic’s assessment proved to be correct. The so-called “future world champion” went on to win not two, not three, but seven Formula 1 world titles during his career—a record only surpassed by Lewis Hamilton.


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