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Regarding the unlawful streaming of the IPL by a bunge of websites, the Delhi High Court has granted significant relief to Reliance Industries Ltd.’s (RIL) subsidiary Viacom 18.

Delhi High Court Passes Dynamic+ Injunction, Restrains Rogue Websites From Illegally  Streaming IPL Events
A report published by Bar and Bench claims that the High Court has prohibited multiple websites from unlawfully streaming Indian Premier League (IPL) matches and granted a “dynamic+injunction” order in favor of RIL’s media company.
The “dynamic+injucntion” orders are passed legally in order to safeguard copyrights. It guarantees that the owner of the copyrighted works will not suffer irreversible losses.

Paramount will sell Reliance its 18% stake in Viacom in India.

The Delhi High Court has ruled that Viacom 18’s investment in broadcasting rights and copyright protection must be preserved by taking immediate action to stop the infringement.

“In order to ensure that these websites can be blocked on a real-time basis without a significant delay, Justice Sanjeev Narula passed the order. During the currency of the IPL Events, if any further websites are discovered which are illegally streaming and communicating content over which the Plaintiff has rights, the Plaintiff is given liberty to communicate the details of such websites to the DoT and MeitY for issuance of blocking orders, and simultaneously to the ISPs for blocking the said websites.”

Viacom18 filed a complaint with the Delhi High Court alleging that a number of rogue websites are broadcasting IPL matches illegally.

Jio Cinema, RIL’s over-the-top (OTT) platform, is owned by Viacom 18. Jio, which is supported by Reliance, has acquired the exclusive digital rights to the 2023–2027 Indian Premier League television rights.

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