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Recently, actress Mrunal Thakur visited New York to support her most recent film, Hi Nana, in which Nani costarred. The actor ran into Daniel Radcliffe, the star of Harry Potter, while promoting the movie, which gave her a fan moment.

Mrunal Thakur is excited to work with Vijay Devarakonda in 'VD 13' -  GulfToday

Mrunal shared a selfie she took with Radcliffe on social media, showing off her excitement. Behind Radcliffe, grinning from ear to ear, were Mrunal and his sister Lochan Thakur, while he was wearing a face mask.

A video of Mrunal Thakur’s encounter with the Hollywood star was also shared. Radcliffe was spotted meeting and taking selfies with his fans in it. The actor yelled out his name with excitement, “Daniel, we love you Daniel,” just like any other Potter fan would. The Harry Potter actress gave them a quick glance before saying, “Thank you!” On her Instagram stories, Mrunal posted the video along with the caption, “And this happened!”

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