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Rather than being a direct sequel, the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film will be a reboot. By doing away with the need to wait for particular actors to reprise their roles, this move is intended to streamline the production process. It has been confirmed by producer Jerry Bruckheimer that Johnny Depp might not return to the role in the upcoming movie.
Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow was a significant contributing factor to the success and popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. But given the current controversy, he might not be back for Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

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“Pirates of the Caribbean will be akin to a franchise reboot rather than a direct sequel to Dead Men Tell No Tales,” Bruckheimer stated to He claimed that after they attempted to “sever ties in order to be safe,” his relationship with Disney deteriorated. The 60-year-old actor is now more receptive to returning “if the project is right,” though, and has softened his earlier stance.

Depp’s relationship with Disney was strained as a result of his participation in a defamation trial alongside his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Even though Depp won the trial, it is still unclear when he will join the action-fantasy movie franchise again.

As of late, Bruckheimer has expressed his admiration for Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow and acknowledged the actor’s abilities. While Depp’s involvement in the follow-up remains uncertain, the choice to bring the franchise back as a sequel suggests that he may split from his Jack Sparrow character.

Selecting a reboot instead of a direct sequel frees up time in the production schedule by removing the need to postpone casting choices. This action will probably speed up the creation and release of Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Taking everything into account, the decision to bring back the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for a sixth installment implies a shift from the previous storyline and ensemble of characters, potentially signaling the end of Johnny Depp’s involvement.

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